– Strategic Consulting

Serenidad Consulting® recognized as “A world-changer”

Effective 2023 we have re-focused our strategic consultancy services in line with our strategic intent and vision.

Our most senior specialist consultants, with a combined experience that spans almost 200 years, are our Principal, Nola Hennessy, and brothers Kelvin Glare and Leonard Glare.

Our key services include:

1. Support and counsel in relation to strategic visioning, planning and implementation (linked to ii.)

2. Advice and support in defining, documenting, and embedding ethical governance strategies, frameworks, models, policies, methodologies, plans and practices.

The work associated with 1. and 2. naturally includes all contexts of risk management; analysis of enterprise capability pressures including workforce deficiencies; documentation of remediation plans to maximise core business efficiencies and effectiveness; and maximising the application of enterprise information management systems and knowledge management, to enable full maturation to a position of organisational intelligence©.

3. Providing information, and strategic advice and counsel, on matters under arbitration, investigation, or review.

4. Providing information, advice, counsel, advocacy, and representation in relation to human rights and social justice matters.


Since inception we have been selected as a preferred Tier 1 supplier by a number of Australian State and Federal Government Departments and Texas Government (USA). Our current Defence Panel membership ceases in April 2025 and past pre-qualified Panels include with Home Affairs/Customs/Border Protection/Immigration; CAS-SS and DMOSS (Defence); Countering Violent Extremism Research (Attorney-General’s Department)’ ICT Management Consultancy Panel (AGIMO/Department of Finance & Deregulation); Learning and Development Panels led by the Departments of Foreign Affairs, Education, and Employment; BuyICT/Digital Marketplace Panel, and NSW Government’s specialist Performance and Management Services Panel