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Serenidad Consulting® recognized as “A world-changer”

The breadth and depth of the consultancy services offered by Serenidad Consulting® globally is best explained through our Trademark classes which are summarized on the Trademark page.

As a globally-focused organization, we adhere to our Quality Policy consistently, internally sharing lessons and insights to ensure Serenidad Consulting® operates with a high level of corporate intelligence.

We offer a range of management consultancy, business and specialist services that are designed to assist our clients in managing both generic and unique/special risks related to their spheres of influence and those associated with their core business activities. Supporting all known business risk domains and a range of specialist disciplines, we can provide expertise in, for example:

  • Strategic visioning, planning and documentation – helping our clients identify and achieve the outcomes they really want and a heightened level of e.g. Organizational Intelligence, Information Intelligence and/or Self-Intelligence;
  • Homeland security including countering violent extremism (CVE); and international security;
  • Advice and guidance on, and delivery of, effective and non-destructive Change Management;
  • Project, Program and Portfolio Management;
  • Human Resource Management;
  • Occupational/Work-related Health and Safety Management, Environmental Safety and Safety Engineering;
  • ICT, scientific and engineering fields;
  • Business Improvement and Continuity, including Total Quality Management;
  • Enterprise/Corporate Governance, including Enterprise and Security Risk Management, Performance Management, Planning;
  • Fraud, Forensics, and Finger Print Analysis;
  • Investigations and Audits;
  • Adult Education, School & Higher Education, and related services;
  • Facilitation, Arbitration and Moderation; and
  • Keynote Addresses and Presentations.


We have been selected by a number of State and Federal Government Departments as a preferred supplier since 2010. We remain a registered Texas (USA) Vendor and our current, active pre-qualified State and Federal Government panel and scheme memberships in Australia are:

* Digital Marketplace Panel – a competitive panel arrangement for delivery of professional services, including ICT. The Digital Marketplace is delivered by the Digital Transformation Agency as part of Australia’s National Innovation and Science Agenda. Our current approved categories are:
                        o  Strategy and Policy
                        o  Agile Delivery and Governance
                        o  Change and Transformation
                        o  Marketing, Communications and Engagement
                        o  Support and Operations
                        o  Training, Learning and Development

* NSW Performance and Management Services Scheme – a competitive scheme under which we are pre-qualified to provide the following services and available through Buy NSW:

      • Government and Business Strategy
        • Strategy Development and Planning
        • Business Performance Reviews
      • Business Advisory – General
        • Project Management
      • Business Advisory – Functional
        • Human Resources – Human Capital Management (incl. workforce planning, specialist advice and performance management)
      • Specialised Services
        • Training and Development

* DSS Panel a competitive panel arrangement for delivery of professional services, the DSS Panel is the largest, whole-of-Government panel in Australia. The service offerings specified in our Deed with government are for the provision of Associate/Entry Level 1 through to Expert-Level 4 support for:

      • Program Management Services:
        • Program and Product Management Services and Support – Levels 1-4
        • Project Risk and Issue Management – Levels 1-4
        • Project Management Services and Support – Levels 1-4
        • Project Schedule Management – Levels 1-3
        • Data and Configuration Management – Levels 1-4
        • Project Costing Services –Levels 1-3
        • Transition Management – Levels 1-4
        • Life-cycle Costing – Levels 1-4
      • Engineering and Technical Services:
        • Systems and Software Engineering (SSE) Safety Management – Levels 1-4
        • SSE Software Engineering – Levels 1-4
        • SSE Systems Architecture/Integration – Levels 1-3
        • SSE Systems Engineering – Levels 1-4
        • SSE Technical Certification – Levels 1-4
        • SSE Test & Evaluation including Verification and Validation – Levels 1-3
        • Specialist Engineering – Capability Definition Document Development – Levels 1-4
        • Specialist Engineering – Reliability, Availability, Maintainability – Levels 1-3
        • Technical – Configuration Management – Levels 1-4
      • Materiel Logistics Services:
        • ILS Management – Levels 1-4
        • Logistics Support Analysis – Levels 1-2
        • Facilities Program Governance and Delivery Support – Levels 1-3
        • Supply Chain Analysis and Inventory Optimization and Planning – Levels 1-4
        • Facilities Requirements Analysis – Levels 1-4
      • Commercial Services:
        • Strategic Business Advice – Levels 1-4
        • Procurement Evaluation Support – Levels 1-4
        • Procurement Methodologies/Contracting Options/Tender Development – Levels 1-4
      • Corporate Performance Services:
        • Continuous Improvement – Strategy, Facilitation, Coaching, Mentoring Programs – Levels 1-4
        • Quality Management (QM) Internal Audits  – Levels 1-4
        • QM Policy and Practices – Levels 1-4
        • QM System Audit and Certification Services – Levels 1-4
        • QM System Development – Levels 1-4
        • QM Theory and Principles – Levels 1-4
        • Learning and Development (L&D) – Analysis – Levels 1-4
        • L&D Design and Development – Levels 1-4
        • L&D Evaluation Services – Levels 1-4
        • L&D Implementation and Administration Services – Levels 1-4
      • Authoring and Writing Services
        • General Authoring and Writing Services – Levels 1-4

NB. The DSS panel is a multi-agency panel enabling other Australian Government agencies to access our services.

Serenidad Consulting® has also held preferred-supplier status on expired government panels including: Home Affairs/Customs/Border Protection/Immigration, CAS-SS/DMOSS (Defence), CVE Research (Attorney-General’s Department), ICT Management Consultancy Panel (AGIMO/Dept of Finance & Deregulation, and the Learning and Development Panels managed by Departments of Foreign Affairs, Education and Employment.