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Serenidad Consulting® recognized as “A world-changer”

The breadth and depth of the consultancy services offered by Serenidad Consulting® globally is best explained through our Trademark classes (see Trademarks). In addition to Nola Hennessy, our Principal International Consultant and Thought Leader on Global Peace, specialist consultants may be drawn from industry to help support our client work, where necessary.

As a globally-focused organization, we consistently apply our Quality Policy, internally sharing lessons and insights to ensure we operate with a high level of corporate intelligence.

We offer a range of management consultancy, business and specialist services that are designed to assist our clients in implementing best practice, ethical governance and excellence in their operations, and building positive stakeholder relationships.


Since inception we have been selected by a number of State and Federal Government Departments and Texas Government (USA) as a preferred supplier. We are current and active on the following pre-qualified Federal Government panel in Australia:

* Defence Support Services (DSS) Panel a competitive panel arrangement for delivery of professional services, the DSS Panel is the largest, whole-of-Government panel in Australia. The service offerings specified in our Deed with government are for the provision of Associate/Entry Level 1 through to Expert-Level 4 support:

      • Program Management Services:
        • Program and Product Management Services and Support
        • Project Management Services and Support incl Project Schedule Management, Project Costing, Project Risk and Issue Management
        • Data and Configuration Management
        • Transition Management
        • Life-cycle Costing
      • Engineering and Technical Services:
        • Systems and Software Engineering (SSE) Safety Management, Software Engineering, Systems Architecture/Integration, Systems Engineering, Technical Certification, Test & Evaluation including Verification and Validation
        • Specialist Engineering – Capability Definition Document Development
        • Specialist Engineering – Reliability, Availability, Maintainability
        • Technical – Configuration Management
      • Materiel Logistics Services
      • Commercial Services:
        • Strategic Business Advice
        • Procurement Evaluation Support
        • Procurement Methodologies/Contracting Options/Tender Development
      • Corporate Performance Services:
        • Continuous Improvement – Strategy, Facilitation, Coaching, Mentoring Programs
        • Quality Management (QM) Internal Audits, Policy and Practices, System Audit and Certification Services, System Development, Theory and Principles
        • Learning and Development (L&D) Analysis, Design and Development, Evaluation Services, Implementation and Administration Services
      • Authoring and Writing Services


Serenidad Consulting® has also held preferred-supplier status on expired Federal government panels including: Home Affairs/Customs/Border Protection/Immigration, CAS-SS/DMOSS (Defence), CVE Research (Attorney-General’s Department), ICT Management Consultancy Panel (AGIMO/Dept of Finance & Deregulation, and the Learning and Development Panels managed by Departments of Foreign Affairs, Education and Employment.

From January 2023 Serenidad Consulting Pty Ltd voluntarily withdrew from BuyICT/Digital Marketplace Panel and the specialised NSW Performance and Management Services Panel (under Buy NSW). More information is provided on Latest News