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The Serenidad Consulting® & The Peace Ranch® Peace Bites™ Podcast is live on Spotify and our video podcasts continue to be available on YouTube at the same name: Serenidad Consulting® & The Peace Ranch® Peace Bites™ Podcast.

Spotify Podcast Episodes:

July 8, 2024: The C in P.E.A.C.E. – Compassion

May 31, 2024: The A in P.E.A.C.E. – How to choose Alliances

April 24, 2024: The A in P.E.A.C.E. – Alliances (and a note about Accountability) 

February 29, 2024: Narcissism and Maintaining Ambiguity are the Polar Opposite of Great Leadership©

January 31, 2024: Empowerment based on Positive Personal Power

December 24, 2023: Empowering Our Global Community to Achieve Good

November 29, 2023: The First E in P.E.A.C.E. – Empowerment of Young Adults

October 31, 2023: All about Matthew Perry and his Empowerment

September 20, 2023: The First E in P.E.A.C.E – Empowerment of Youth and International Peace Day

August 30, 2023: The First E in P.E.A.C.E – Empowerment – How We Empower Young Children (from Conception to 7)

July 31, 2023: The First E in P.E.A.C.E. – Empowerment – and its Intrinsic Link to Human Rights

May 28, 2023: Remembering Tina Turner – Standing in Your Power (and having the courage to keep moving forward in life)

April 9, 2023: It’s OK to be good – it’s OK to be your best self

March 6, 2023: The Peace Angel Epilogue – Synchronicities and Interdependencies

January 22, 2023: Mediocrity and Accountability

December 26, 2022: Importance of leaving good Heart Prints and always Nurturing Relationships

September 11, 2022: Honoring Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III and those left behind post-9/11

April 18, 2022: What lies beneath the P in P.E.A.C.E.?

February 26, 2022: A New Model for Peace, by Nola Hennessy founder of Serenidad Consulting®

Earlier YouTube Peace Bites – VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel Interviews – International Radio Interviews:

December 21, 2022: VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel with host, Cynthia Brian, Nola speaks about inner peace, how to avoid conflict and manage difficult scenarios (especially at Christmas time), and why positivity is so important

December 22, 2021: VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel – Donor guest Nola Hennessy speaks about valuing life, being thankful for our blessings, how to focus on the future while acknowledging the past, and how to empower others to make positive change, with host Cynthia Brian.

July 11, 2021: Great Leadership© means taking time for decision-making – We explain the importance of taking enough time to make important decisions that have a strategic impact in your life, including those that affect you professionally, financially and personally.

July 4, 2021: Great Leadership® means holding the vision despite setbacks – In this short video we speak about some of the virtues of Great Leadership® being to forge ahead despite setbacks, stay strong in holding the vision for the outcomes you seek, and always remain positive in the face of adversity.

June 27, 2021: Managing uncertainties by focusing on what you can control – In this short video we explain how to manage uncertainty without undue stressors being placed on yourself and others. We emphasize the importance of focusing on controlling what is in your power to control and always having a contingency.

June 20, 2021: Achieving and maintaining good health must be your priority – We explain the importance of maintaining good health, making wise choices when it comes to managing your holistic health outcomes, and keeping a healthy distance from negative events and influences whilst still maintaining empathy and compassion for others.

June 13, 2021: Do things out of the goodness of your heart – In this short video we explain the benefits to yourself and others when you do something without expecting anything in return. Not only will you be demonstrating Great Leadership© behaviors, you will also be teaching others about gratitude.

June 6, 2021: “Living Life with Love and Without Force” – In this episode Nola reads directly from her award-winning second book on achieving positive relationships and maintaining a positive mental attitude, to provide insight to listeners on how to live life with love and without force.

May 30, 2021: Valuing yourself and others creates positive outcomes – In this video we emphasize the importance of three key things: Governments allowing people to make their own informed decisions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine; Supporting people at times of strife; and staying calm and valuing yourself and others.

May 23, 2021: Accepting mediocrity is not a good choice – In this video we speak about the impact of mediocrity on the risks that humanity is facing, on the negative impacts of a ‘mediocre-is-OK’ mindset and, if we don’t shift away from accepting less than 100% effort, then humanity’s ability to manage the risks it is facing will significantly decrease.

May 15, 2021: Determining your own destiny is the ultimate empowerment – In this episode we encourage everyone to pursue their right to choose life enhancing experiences without undue influence being applied by others. While noting that miracles do happen and divine intervention does occur at times, we challenge the notion that God determines a person’s destiny or that our destiny is not our own to choose.

May 8, 2021: Our precious Earth needs help. If not us, then who will act? – We make a call to everyone in this important video. We must all hold ourselves accountable for humanity’s collective actions that have caused the current damage to our beautiful planet and created climate change.

May 2, 2021: Checking your emotional baggage at the door – We speak about the importance of not imposing emotional baggage on people and animals and how “checking” emotional baggage at the door when you come to work or home, can be done just as easily as checking one’s baggage at the airport or bus terminal.

April 25, 2021: ANZAC Day and the importance of compassion – In this short video we share a special message for our colleagues in the Australian Defence Organisation and emphasizes the importance of showing compassion and empathy for those who serve in the military under, often times, arduous conditions.

April 18, 2021: Quality time and what we can learn from our canine pals – In this short video we speak about the importance of quality time and valuing each other’s time equally. We also introduce George, Nola’s “grandbeaglier”, and provide an excerpt on time from No Boxing Allowed.

April 10, 2021: More about The Peace Ranch® – We provide a quite detailed update about our intention for Australia’s first The Peace Ranch®, and those that are intended to follow overseas. We also describe how these operations are intended to deliver positive outcomes for all layers of society.

April 4, 2021: Rooting out corruption, our collective responsibility – In this episode we discuss corruption across government and the private sector. We highlight the people who are not behaving correctly, the people who are being dishonest, who are being greedy, who are being manipulative and deceitful, are getting the rewards above the people who ‘are’ doing the right thing.

March 28, 2021: Great Leadership©™ – taking time to make important choices – In this video we provide an update on plans for The Peace Ranch® facilities both in Australia and overseas and discuss the importance of taking time to make 3-dimensional strategic choices that will impact your life going forward.

March 20, 2021: Great Leadership©™ Holding yourself and others accountable – In this video we recount an incident at a client site during the week that involved managing a work health and safety hazard. We describe the incident in the context of risk management, behaviors and attitudes (both good and bad), decision-making, avoidance, accountability, and the importance of the judiciary (utilizing the legal framework that exists) to enforce the right behaviors.

March 14, 2021: Nation State obligations for upholding Human Rights – In this short video we cover a range of things – the criticism of the USA’s latest stimulus package to support people in need; the foolishness and arrogance in having assumption-based decision-making; the obligations of nation states to protect their people; and the basic human rights of people, including to be treated with dignity and allowed to build a life that is founded in happiness, security and development.

March 7, 2021: Great Leadership™ – Valuing people as the greatest asset – Without discounting the obvious importance of valuing Mother Earth as the foundation upon which humanity is based, and therefore essential to our collective survival, in this video we speak about people; and how being a Great Leader means that you will always value people as our greatest asset.

February 28, 2021: Sexual Assault, Violence and societal/family programming – This is a double-length segment but vitally important to understand more about assault and violence, sexual assault, domestic violence, familial and societal programming of children, and post-traumatic stress.

February 22, 2021: Resilience in Relationships and Honesty – There are a couple of key topics we bring to viewers in this week’s Peace Bite – the importance of always speaking honestly (no matter to whom), and the critical importance of always being honest, open and communicative with the people who matter the most in your life.

February 14, 2021: Truth and Perceptions – yours or others? – In this video we speak about the outcome of the US Senate’s vote on impeachment and the precedent that wasn’t set, as well as the precedent that was. We speak of the ‘truth’ that so many wanted to see come out of this second impeachment trial.

February 7, 2021: Great Leaders value everyone irrespective of level/role – In this video we relate Nola’s early experience after choosing a second path in 1976, following her first senior leadership role and the gender-based discrimination she faced at the time. We also talk about Nola’s interactions with cleaners during this past week, whilst at a client’s site.

January 31, 2021: Don’t be a “Dumper” – learn to heal yourself – In this video we talk about family dynamics and how influential parents are, in teaching their children the right positive behaviours. We also read a short segment out of Chapter 9 of No Boxing Allowed (“Letting Go of the Baggage”)

January 23, 2021: Take individual responsibility for making wrongs right – The 2015 edition full “Author’s Special Note” is provided as a snapshot at the end of this video. We read a portion of Nola’s earlier Note in No Boxing Allowed, to highlight the importance of integrity, focusing on positive words and actions, and making right any wrongs you may have done to someone in the past.

January 17, 2021: Honouring Martin Luther King and his good use of power – During this holiday weekend celebrating Martin Luther King, we honour him and others for their outstanding good use of personal and positional power.

January 10, 2021: Understanding power and control struggles – In this video we combine thoughts on the storming of the US Capital Building this week, the most obvious traits of leadership compared to Great Leadership©, and the importance of discernment in all decision making.

January 3, 2021: 2021, our year of opportunities to make positive change – In our first Peace Bite for 2021, we look at the year ahead as presenting opportunities for each and every one of us to make positive change, not just for humanity but also for the environment.

December 23, 2020: VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel– Donor guest Nola Hennessy speaks about how to bring harmony to Christmas festivities and how best to build a new year that is founded on the lessons learned in 2020, with host Cynthia Brian.

December 19, 2020: Christmas Wishes – focus on the synchronicities – In our final Peace Bite for 2020, recorded at c. 2500 feet and with a bit of wild wind on Beechmont’s mountain top, we talk about synchronicity, how to recognise when good things are happening around you, and how to choose peace and calmness to diffuse any tensions that may be present at Christmas time.

December 12, 2020: Never Hold Grudges, one trait of Great Leadership© – We speak about this very important trait of Great Leadership© in the context of both work and personal life relationships. Most leaders of people “don’t realize the value of letting go” and not holding grudges. Holding grudges is, unfortunately, a trait that carries through to every aspect of life. Importantly, we believe that no-one has the ‘right’ to take revenge.

December 5, 2020: Visualising an Outcome, one trait of Great Leadership© – Being able to visualise an outcome requires that you know exactly what it is that you really want and also have an uncluttered mind. Do you know what you want? Is your mind full of stuff that no longer serves a purpose?

November 28, 2020: Active Listening, one trait of Great Leadership© – In this video we describe what is involved in actively listening and being truly present in the moment. With 2020 being such a tumultuous year for most of us, we explain that 2021 will see many people having to re-evaluate their relationships and potentially rebuild their relationships with others, even from the ground up.

November 22, 2020: Identifying when the Universe is pushing back – In this video we talk about the current power and control imbalances that we are seeing play out as a result of the recent US election and highlight how pushing of personal power can most-times create the opposite effect to what you want.

November 15, 2020: It’s all about relationships – In this video we read from Nola’s memoir, The Peace Angel, to remind people of the importance of soul peace and relationships. Nola reflects on her own choices, the importance of trusting the universe’s bigger picture, and emphases her enduring commitment to sharing honest and discerning views.

November 7, 2020: Relinquishing control, for the greater good – In this video we discuss personal and positional power in the context of the recent US election, in particular highlighting the importance of letting go and relinquishing control of a situation that has an inevitable outcome.

October 31, 2020: The importance of gratitude – This video deviates from what was planned, as a direct result of this week’s turn of events. We reflect on a range of things that have occurred this week and explain why we are feeling such a strong sense of gratitude.

October 24, 2020: Purity of Heart – In this video we read from the Epilogue of Nola’s memoir, The Peace Angel: “Purity of heart is about being full of compassion for self and for others. When we have purity of heart we can see ourselves so clearly, we look with open eyes at our own deficiencies and can more easily determine how to improve.”

October 17, 2020: Jealousy vs Acceptance and Goal Setting – In this video we expand on the topic of ‘ego’ from last week and then read from page 259 in the Epilogue of Nola’s memoir, The Peace Angel: “Jealousy, as useless as it is, must be replaced by acceptance, that what exists for us is OK, that equality is a better frame of mind…”

October 10, 2020: Soul Maturity – In this video we read from the Epilogue of Nola’s memoir The Peace Angel: “Selfishness can be replaced with generosity, sharing, and selflessness. Compassion, caring, kindness, and gentle love must replace cruelty and harshness. Loudness must be tempered into quiet self-control where an ego is no longer required.” and then explore each sentence in more detail.

October 2, 2020: Patience – Of all of the years, 2020 is a year when many people have faced huge disappointment and trauma. Having patience despite all that happens allows us to rise above uncertainty and be tolerant of things that we don’t have any direct control over; it allows us to empathize with others and also our own situation.

September 25, 2020: How success is really measured – Our reflections from the Epilogue in Nola’s memoir The Peace Angel introduce this segment on success, soul development, choices, experience and resilience.

September 18, 2020: Resilience and experience – interrelated / interdependent – Our reflections from Nola’s memoir The Peace Angel introduce this segment on choices, experiences and resilience. As we explain, “the choices that we make determine our destiny” and as we experience life so too will our resilience grow.

September 11, 2020: A special 9/11 message about positive use of power – In this final segment on the two key types of power we talk about how important the positive use of personal and positional power is in creating a world of peace and harmony. We give tribute to those adversely impacted by the events of 9/11 and expresses our sentiment about the changes we all have the opportunity to make around the world, at an individual level and by conscious choice.

September 6, 2020: Positional Power at national and global levels – In this final segment on positional power we outline the key features of positions of power that have nation-state (whole-of-country) and global/whole-of-humanity impact. To provide better understanding we give a few examples of country and international positions of power that have been used negatively and emphasizes the strategic nature and multi-dimensional impact of these roles.

August 28, 2020: Positional Power in organizations – In this segment we outline how organizational positional power is closely linked to personal power, how the traits of Great Leadership©™ (such as selflessness, open door policy and ‘it’s not all about me’) are vitally important to people using their positions as a means to bring positive outcomes, and how behaviors and attitudes can change when promotions/demotions/lateral moves occur. We also explore body language, Self-Intelligence©™ and the need to let go of ego in order to be most effective.

August 23, 2020: Positional Power and community-impact positions – As mentioned last time, in every community each person is equal to every other member of a community (in their positional responsibilities and accountabilities) however when we hold a formal position that has community impact our responsibility to make wise, informed and positive-outcome focused decisions is even greater.

August 14, 2020: Positional Power within the community – In every community, each person is equal in their positional responsibilities and accountabilities to every other member of a community – our positional power is not based on age, gender, status etc. Our position in the community is also not about the ‘role’ we have within a community construct, entity or organisation. Our responsibility and accountability to each other, as equal community members, is what is most significant.

August 8, 2020: Positional Power within the family unit – In this short video we highlight the family dynamic and how positional power can vary depending on a number of factors such as cultural or religious frameworks, family law requirements, chronological age, gender and personal expectations.

August 1, 2020: Part 1 of Understanding your Positional Power – With apologies for the sun-filtered image, in this first of many sessions on positional power we explain how positional power is relevant to everyone on earth. We read the opening paragraph of Part 1, Chapter 3 of No Boxing Allowed (shown at the end of the video) and provide examples of the contextual and proportional nature of positional power.

July 25, 2020: Positive Personal Power and the importance of being calm – In this concluding session (of the Positive Personal Power segment) we explain the 3-dimensional importance of staying calm and provide examples of how this can be achieved.

July 17, 2020: Positive Personal Power and a positive mindset – To project positive personal power you must be thinking positively. A positive mindset sets the framework for all our interactions and decisions every day and therefore positive use of personal power is most successful when grounded in a feeling of inner calm, being at peace within yourself. Your ability to project positivity to others, especially now, will be a litmus test for your ability to influence positive change around you.

July 11, 2020: Positive Personal Power: what is the key? – The crux of positive personal power is loving yourself enough to care about yourself and, by so doing, you will care about your impact on others. In this video we speak about karmic justice when personal power is used the wrong way and with destructive intentions, and how to preserve goodness and use power positively despite others around you being negative.

July 3, 2020: Great Leadership©™ and Personal Power Lessons in Control – In this 2-topic session we talk about the energetic difference between (selfish) agendas as distinct from advocating for outcomes you believe are good; the bullying and deflective traits involved in pushing to control others or influence their decisions; and how to recognize when the universe pushes back against people who are using their personal power in negative ways.

June 27, 2020: Great Leadership©™ and Two Lessons in Personal Power – In this 2-topic session we explain, firstly about the energy involved in ‘pushing’ and how this is a negative use of personal power and secondly, the energetic differences between confidence and arrogance.

June 21, 2020: Great Leadership©™ and Lessons in Power Part 1 – In this session we explain the two distinct types of power that underpin Great Leadership©™ in life and begins Part 1 of a range of sessions to teach you about your power and how to utilise it positively for the best possible outcomes.

June 19, 2020: Nola’s personal reflections and the intention of these videos – “If something that I say helps to improve your life (or) helps to save a life, then I’ve done my job.” “My goal is to give you positive strategies and share lessons I’ve learned in my life that allow you to make good decisions going forward.”

June 14, 2020: Building Successful Business Partnerships – In Part 3, Chapter 2 of No Boxing Allowed we describe “the key ingredients in any mutually successful and positively-focused business partnership.” We read from this chapter and also explain the importance of partnerships and relationships being interdependent rather than co-dependent.

June 12, 2020: You have the power to discern what you hear and see – “To be discerning about the information you receive is the key to its effective utilization. Ascertain what information is valid and true, useful and constructive, and then apply it in a manner that achieves positive, worthwhile outcomes. There is so much we are fed each day that is blatantly misleading, untrue, unfounded and destructive. What long term benefit does misinformation serve? You have the power to discern what you hear and see.” Page 59, No Boxing Allowed.

June 7, 2020: All about integrity – In this video we discuss the subjective and objective aspects of people operating with integrity.

June 5, 2020: We are all the same – Children are not born biased and prejudiced – they learn how to be when they are taught the wrong values. “We are all of the one race – the human race!”

May 31, 2020: Realize just how priceless you really are – In this short video we quote from Nola’s second book the covers from which appear at the end of this video, but in all instances we speak to both men and women.

May 29, 2020: The Power of Words – “The imprint that you leave on somebody is as impactful as the words themselves.” In this video we speak about words holding much power, having strategic impact and are therefore something we must choose wisely.

May 24, 2020: Simplify & Unclutter Your Mind (to) Uncomplicate Your Life – From No Boxing Allowed: “Simplify and Unclutter Your Mind to Simplify and Uncomplicate Your Life” We share our thoughts on positive mindsets, getting rid of mind clutter, rewarding yourself and celebrating successes (even little ones) as a great way to bring more positive outcomes into your life.

May 22, 2020: Listen twice as much as you speak, for better outcomes – In this video we quote from Nola’s book No Boxing Allowed and highlight that people having two ears and one mouth is a good sign about what ratio in which to communicate – i.e. listening twice as much as you speak.

May 17, 2020: When you value yourself everything else falls into place – Life is full of choices and we generally do the best we can each day to make decisions and choices based on the facts we have available. Sometimes the choices we make are very hard, sometimes they’re easy, but the key to making choices is doing so based on what feels right and true in your heart.

May 16, 2020: Great Leadership©™ – remember, it’s not all about you! – After generations being programmed to believe ‘it’s all about me’ and ‘what’s in it for me’ it’s no wonder we are where we are now with people pushing back against the common good.

May 10, 2020: Strategic (life) plans must also provide contingencies – Particularly in times of uncertainty, working out what you really need, and what your soul wants in order to feel nurtured, is important to not only achieving your goals but also in recognizing and utilizing opportunities along the way.

May 8, 2020: Truth is so fundamental to everything – Without truth we cannot learn to trust and thus build respect. Truth allows everyone to risk manage life using facts as the solid foundation for decision making. Lies only create alternate realities, not based on fact, that then prevent people from effectively risk managing situations.

May 3, 2020: Great Leadership© and seeing Change as an Opportunity – In this video we share an excerpt from Nola’s memoir, The Peace Angel, as we reinforce just how easily people can take a negative situation and create a positive outcome. We speak about being the senior leader on the ‘shop floor’, how ego never serves you well when you have to start over again and build a new career, and how valuing the people who work for you, harnessing and relishing their talents, is but one of the many traits of a Great Leader.

May 2, 2020: Violence and Weapons Don’t Equal Positive Relationships – In this video we discuss our support for the National (High School) Essay Competition run by the NFP Americans Against Gun Violence; the undercurrents of pain and anger that corrode and disempower societies; the uncontrolled nature of “anger” that self-perpetuates negativity; the critical importance of identifying root causes to resolve emotional baggage; and the need for individuals to take preventative action, accept some of the responsibility for why things are tough for them at present, and not blame their governments for acting for the common good.

April 26, 2020: Living Life with Love and Without Force – In this video we read from an important chapter in Nola’s second book and highlight the importance of finding balance in relationships. Finding balance is where both parties feel empowered for positive outcomes, no-one feels disempowered in any way, WIN/WINs can take place, and mutually-beneficial, long term goals can be achieved through both parties making a conscious choice for a smoother, more loving and power-balanced path together.

April 25, 2020: To push or not to push – “THE INSTANT YOU STOP ‘PUSHING’ THE BEST SOLUTION WILL COME”. “One of the most challenging things we humans face each day is understanding each other.” Likewise, is finding the ‘power and control’ balance in our relationships with others.

April 19, 2020: Never make assumptions – In this short video we read from Nola’s second book (about male/female relationships and change management) and the chapter called “Deep Healing”. We read Step Nine in the journey to more positive, constructive and fulfilling relationships.

April 18, 2020: Empathy, Compassion and Sympathy – Understanding the difference between having empathy and compassion, and showing sympathy, is particularly important at this time. In this video we explain the three and how to apply them in your lives so that you and those around you can benefit the most.

April 12, 2020: Patience and the importance of making unselfish choices – “Be really careful when your choices impact on other people.” In this short video we emphasize the need for patience to help deliver positive outcomes for the common good, rather than people making self-focused choices that only serve their own outcomes.

April 10, 2020: The power of forgiveness in helping bring inner peace – To forgive is divine.
In this video we highlight the importance of letting go of blame and resentment, how choosing to forgive others and yourself is the most powerful choice you can make to restore your sense of calm and fast track your way to inner peace.

April 5, 2020: Recognize and build your resilience and understanding – In this video we focus you on recognizing your strengths, provide tips to build your repertoire of coping skills, explain psychic trauma and how nurturing yourself brings holistic results which help to build resilience.

April 4, 2020: Manage risks well rather than focus on fear and worry – In this video we explain the importance of focusing on positive messaging and letting go of negative energies like fear. No Boxing Allowed, p. 64: “Worry thrives where negative energy abounds. Feeling worry and fear is like making a deposit into a bank that pays a negative return on your investment. You are putting emotional energy into something that hasn’t happened yet. It may not happen, so why worry and be fearful?”

March 30, 2020: Use your personal power to deliver goodness, always. – With every one of your actions and thoughts today, you set a path to the future. Even your inactions define the future. Ensure your choices are based on the current context, considerate of others and with the intention of delivering only goodness.

March 28, 2020: Letting Go of Control Doesn’t Mean You Lose Your Power

December 18, 2019: VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel – Donor guest Nola Hennessy shares her thoughts on the importance of patience and positive choices to achieving global peace, with host Cynthia Brian. 

June 19, 2017: Blog Talk Radio ConversationsLIVE – Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back author/speaker Nola Hennessy to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss what it’s been like to assist others with their trauma and how her new books POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS – NOT A LIFE SENTENCE and FERONIA – THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LEARNED TO FLY FREE have been able to do just that. 

December 7, 2016: VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel – Donor guest Nola Hennessy shares her thoughts on making small yet powerful changes to achieve individual peace and global peace.

December 16, 2015: VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel – Donor Guest Nola Hennessy speaks openly about achieving relationship and global peace through inner peace, education, communication and living with integrity.

November 25, 2015: VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel – Donor Guest Nola Hennessy emphasizes the importance of healthy, positive relationships and global peace being founded on inner peace.

August 5, 2015: VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel – Donor Guest Nola Hennessy’s passion, purpose and desire to see the world become a better place shine through in this informative interview about Global Peace and eliminating terrorism and violence.  

February 9, 2015: Blog Talk Radio ConversationsLIVE – Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Nola Hennessy to #ConversationsLIVE to discsus how she has been able to find peace in her own life and is helping others along their journey to the same.

December 10, 2014: VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel – Donor guest Nola Hennessy shares her intimate knowledge of God and Heaven, and the importance of living our lives virtuously with compassion, kindness, forgiveness, inner peace, selflessness, and love as the cornerstones.

November 26, 2014: VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel – Thanksgiving special message of Peace for the holiday season. Tune into an uplifting and positive interview with award winning author Nola Hennessy. Nola believes in family togetherness and living a life of positivity, purpose and compassion.

October 31, 2014: VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel – The ‘Empowering Women, Transforming Lives’ show releases their interview with Nola Hennessy about personal power and choices.

October 1, 2014: VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel – Donor guest Nola Hennessy shares her focus on peace, harmony and positive relationships with host, Cynthia Brian.

September 16, 2014: VoiceAmerica’s ‘Business Channel’ – This week’s interview with Nola Hennessy “Stepping Stones to Everyday Success” with host Kim Stewart.

June 11, 2014: VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel – Donor guest Nola Hennessy is interviewed about her upcoming autobiography and why women need to become resilient rather than “toughen up”.

February 12, 2014: VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel – Donor guest Nola Hennessy shares her thoughts on restoring goodness in people’s actions and words, improving and nurturing relationships for excellent outcomes, and how to foster values that enable living in a peaceful, meaningful way.

November 20, 2013: VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel – Donor guest Nola Hennessy is interviewed by Cynthia Brian on the eve of the anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination. Nola discusses her thoughts on power and control imbalances as causal factors for conflict and misunderstanding.

March 21, 2013: VoiceAmerica’s Star Style Channel – Donor guest Nola Hennessy talks with host Cynthia Bryan about her books “PMS to PMA”, “No Boxing Allowed” and upcoming autobiography as well as future publishing opportunities. They also discuss how forgiveness is the key to happiness and harmony and share how we can bring more of both into our lives.