Nola Hennessy

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Our Principal Peace Facilitator, Negotiator, Educator, Author and Strategic Consultant, Nola Hennessy, is the inspirational Founder of Serenidad Consulting® and The Peace Ranch®.

Nola Hennessy – recognized as a Woman of Impact, USA 2014

Serenidad Consulting® recognized as “A world-changer”


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Nola has spent many decades travelling globally to support her clients; raise awareness of the “hard” topics; support the promotion of her books; deliver keynotes, presentations and conference papers; and grow Serenidad’s presence and positive impact.

Her clients since the mid 70’s encompass all major industry and government business groups, educational institutions and scientific bodies including:

University of Texas (USA), Texas Government and Governor’s Office (USA); Lockheed Martin (USA); major ICT multinationals (e.g. HP, WANG, IBM, Nixdorf, Unisys, Open Computer Systems, SUN, Honeywell-Bull World-wide Information Systems); ACT Emergency Services Agency; Melbourne, WA & Australian National Universities (including John Curtin School of Medical Research); Federal Government in Australia including Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, The High Court (justices and senior justice), the Australian Parliamentary Departments (5), Department of Industrial Relations/Workplace Relations/Education/Employment, Australian Taxation Office and PEPPOL Authority, Austrade, Australia’s Defence and (former) Joint Intelligence Organisation, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; Scientific Management Associates; Kodak Australasia; Australian State Governments (ACT, WA, NSW, VIC);  and General Motors.

LITERARY NEWS: Nola has received 70 literary awards since 2011  including:

“Best Inspirational Book” Pinnacle Award (USA) – for No Boxing Allowed

2 “Best General Non-Fiction”, “Best Health Book” and 3 Runners-Up Best Health/Wellness and General Non-Fiction Book – for Post-Traumatic Stress – Not a Life Sentence 

2 “Best Children’s Book” and 3 Runners-Up (Paris & USA) – for Feronia – The Little Girl Who Learned to Fly Free

“Best Autobiography” twice (USA) – for The Peace Angel 

Runner Up for “How To” Books (USA) – for From PMS to PMA – A Change Management Guide 

Nola is available to deliver keynotes, conference papers, inspirational addresses, and a range of other public and private presentations. Please direct all such enquiries through our contact page. Alternately, please call Australia +61 1-300-715582.