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Serenidad Consulting® recognized as “A world-changer”

Why are we unique?

Serenidad Consulting® was formed to empower, inform, guide, and support.

Serenidad Consulting® and The Peace Ranch® are led with passion and purpose. We view positive and constructive relationships as being pivotal to service excellence, quality of deliverables, and effective management of change. In addition we maintain a focus on paying it forward in every possible context.

We inspire a mutual win/win philosophy that looks to achieve compromise when needed whilst still rewarding all stakeholders. Our value proposition includes an enduring commitment to firstly, ensuring the highest possible quality of products and services, and secondly championing ethical conduct and service quality improvements in the consultancy services sector more broadly.

Serenidad Consulting® and The Peace Ranch® have become well known for delivering world’s best practice services, outputs and outcomes for clients; value-adding wherever possible; having a prevention-before-cure focus; and being in a league of our own in the quality and tone of what we deliver.

We fully support being held accountable for the quality and efficacy of the products and services we deliver.

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The internationally-acclaimed and multi award-winning literary works by Nola Hennessy are published by Serenidad Consulting Pty Ltd (in Australia) and also available through this website.

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