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Serenidad Consulting® recognized as “A world-changer”

Why are we unique?

Serenidad Consulting® was formed to empower, inform, guide, and support. Each consultant and employee who joins and stays with us, regardless of their regional location, demonstrates a commitment to our vision, Quality Policy and principles.

Serenidad Consulting® is led with passion and purpose; we view positive and constructive relationships as being pivotal to peaceful outcomes; and we maintain a focus on paying-it-forward in every possible context. To that end, creating The Peace Ranch® as our key global location is an obvious next step in our growth.

We inspire a win/win philosophy that looks to reward all our stakeholders and our value proposition includes championing for improvement in the wider consultancy services sector. We have become well known for delivering quality outputs and outcomes for clients, value-adding wherever possible, having a prevention-before-cure focus, and being in a league of our own in the tone and quality of what we deliver.

Quality Policy

Corporate Profile

Our CEO monitors and drives service provision, to ensure consistency and quality in all our services and products. Being trademarked internationally across five classes, our three core business streams enable us to deliver complementary, supportive, and strategically-linked services and products underpinned by intellectual property that is, often-times, decades ahead of its time. In each context, we help you understand and document exactly what it is that you really need and want, and support you to stay focused on achieving your vision and goals.

Our services and products are as applicable to the individual as they are to community groups, families, corporates and governments. The scope and method of delivery may be determined by context and volume, however the outputs and outcomes will always be underpinned by our foundation principles and a commitment to supporting you the very best way that we can.

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The internationally-acclaimed and multi award-winning literary works by Nola Hennessy are published by Serenidad Consulting Pty Ltd (in Australia) and also available through this website.

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