– Trademarks – Summary of Services and Products

Coupled with our strategic intent, our trademarked classes of services enable Serenidad Consulting® and The Peace Ranch® operations to provide well focused, quality-assured and strategically-significant outcomes for our clients around the globe.

The Peace Ranch® International Trademark
– Australia and (previously) USA

1. IP Australia:

2. Historical USPTO TM:


Serenidad Consulting® International Trademark – Australia and (until June 2024) USA – see full descriptors of each class below

1. IP Australia:

2. USPTO (valid until end 2024):


NB. In Australia we operate under Classes 16, 35, 41, 42 and 45, with indicative descriptors below. There are some terminology differences in our US registration for Serenidad Consulting® which expires in 2024 and will not be renewed.

Serenidad Consulting® recognized as “A world-changer”


Class 16 – books; non-fiction books; writing books; handbooks (manuals); information manuals; instruction manuals (handbooks); manuals (handbooks); reference manuals; teaching manuals; booklets for use in conducting training workshops; advertising publications; journals (publications); loose-leaf publications; management guides (printed publications); periodic publications; printed publications; booklets for use in conducting seminars; instruction manuals related to training seminars; printed training guides; training booklets; audiovisual teaching materials (printed matter); educational materials for use in teaching; teaching materials; instruction booklets; instructional material; manuals for instructional purposes; printed material.

Class 35 – market analysis services; marketing analysis; business consultancy services relating to the supply of quality management systems; business management and organizational consultancy; corporate management consultancy; benchmarking (evaluation of business organization practices); business consultancy to individuals; risk management consultancy (business); charitable services, namely organizing and conducting volunteer programs and community service projects; management of business projects (for others); business advocacy services; business organization consulting; consultancy relating to auditing; business strategic planning; corporate planning; strategic business consultancy; business consultancy; negotiation of contracts (for others); procurement of contracts (for others).

Class 41 – management of education services; management of educational events; arranging and conducting of workshops (training); multimedia production, other than for advertising; legal education services; commercial training services; coaching (training); life coaching services (training or education services); mentoring (education and training; arranging and conducting seminars; teaching; adult training; business training consultancy services; business training services; consultancy services relating to training; occupational health and safety services (education and training services); provision of training courses; provision of training facilities; teacher training services; training; training consultancy; adult education; advisory services relating to education; business educational services; consultancy services relating to education; education services; higher education services; organization of exhibitions for cultural and educational purposes; providing facilities for educational purposes; education advisory services; university education services; personal development courses; personal development training; organizing of entertainment and social events; conducting of business conferences; publications of manuals. 

Class 42 – scientific and technical analysis; scientific consultancy; industrial analysis; technological engineering analysis; research services; information services related to quality standards; Information Technology (IT) consulting services; quality assurance consultancy; engineering project management services; benchmarking (technical testing); evaluation of performance against bench-mark references; product evaluation; safety evaluation; network security services (test and risk assessment of electronic networks); research relating to security; security risk assessment services relating to computer systems; disaster recovery services for data communications systems; design consultancy; consultancy in relation to occupational health and safety (ergonomics and design); technological planning services; computer advisory services; computer consultancy services.

Class 45 – mediation; legal consultancy services; security assessments of risks; safety services; alternative dispute resolution services; life coaching (personal mentoring and support services); arbitration services; dispute and conflict resolution (arbitration services); legal research; legal services; finger printing analysis; management; industrial property (intellectual property (IP)) management; management of patents and trademarks; forensic advice for criminal investigations; legal advice; advisory services relating to copyright, IP rights, trademarks and patents; advisory services relating to the law ; crime prevention advisory services; security advisory services.