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Our exceptional Signature Seminars, Workshops and Retreats are held regularly on the Gold Coast in Australia and in other locations as negotiated. However, due to the global impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak all events are postponed until mid 2021.  Registrations can be made for future events

 Events Brochure – revised dates for 2021-22 will be available soon. This is an indicative guide only
AUD pricing and related Goods and Services Tax (GST) applies to all events

Imagine joining us at idyllic Gold Coast and Hinterland locations for events that completely change your life for positive outcomes, and focus you on having constructive, positive and peaceful relationships? That is what our Signature educational programs, courses, workshops, seminars and retreats are designed to do.

Signature Retreats

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Signature Programs, Courses, Workshops and Seminars

* Great Leadership, Empowerment, Relationships and Community Resilience Series, each complementing the others

* Special Subject Seminars 
* Professional Consulting Industry Seminars

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General Information:

Depending on the style and content, participants will hear from leading industry and government consultants, and will always be supported in an environment conducive to learning:

  • From our 1 day seminars to multi-week programs of contiguous seminars, courses and/or workshops, participant numbers can range from a handful of individuals to several hundred depending on the client and context.
  • Client-specific education that is tailored or developed to meet your requirements – when you have something to learn, we will work with you to identify and define the best learning mode, content and structure. We can also deliver on your site.
  • We use technology where it’s important to enhance the learning experience.

Queensland Venues, Refunds and Other Important Information:

Our venues are selected from a range of world-class and education-conducive facilities in the Gold Coast and its Hinterland, and are entirely based on the final numbers of participants for each discrete eventApproximately 3 weeks prior to the event date, registrants will be notified of the venue and given an information pack about the event and the local area.

Should an event be cancelled by us after your registration is paid in full, and a suitable alternate date not available, a 100% refund of the event registration fee will be provided to the registrant or organizer (for groups of registrants). Please note, no further compensation will be made for other losses incurred by registrants as a result of such cancellations and, in that respect, we do encourage registrants to ensure they are fully insured when advance booking travel to/from the event. Cancellations by a registrant within 21 days of the event being held will result in a forfeit of the full event registration fee i.e. no refund will be given.

Registrants may be substituted only after consultation with and written agreement by Serenidad Consulting® .