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Serenidad Consulting® recognized as “A world-changer”

Our exceptional Signature Seminars, Workshops and Retreats are held at luxury locations in the SE Queensland region of Australia and in overseas locations by negotiation.

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Your chance to delve deeper, achieve personal growth, and learn how to live life with enduring positivity.

Imagine joining us at idyllic and luxury locations such as Mount Tamborine, Beechmont and Main Beach (right on the Pacific Ocean coastline) for our special events, primarily designed to change how you see yourself and others, help you to recognize (or reclaim) your personal power, recognize the resilience you have already developed, and achieve a level of Self-Intelligence©.

We focus you on positive outcomes – having constructive, positive and peaceful relationships – and helping you feel empowered to make change within your own networks and spheres of influence.

Signature Retreats

Our retreats are offered at the most luxurious, picturesque and serene locations available. No expense is spared by us in ensuring you have a weekend of uplifting and inspiring experiences, time out when you need it, the chance to delve deep, bond with others, and grow your personal awareness and power. Without doubt, we expect you will experience many personal (and possibly group) ah-ha moments and return home from these events with a refreshed and renewed sense of purpose. 

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Signature Programs, Courses, Workshops and Seminars

* Great Leadership, Empowerment, Relationships and Community Resilience Series, each complementing the others

* Special Subject Seminars 
* Professional Consulting Industry Seminars

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General Information:

Our primary facilitator is our Founder, Nola Hennessy. Depending on the style and content of each seminar, workshop or retreat, participants may also hear from other leading practitioners and subject-matter-experts. Participants will always be supported in an environment conducive to communication, listening and learning:

  • From our 1 day seminars to multi-day programs, participant numbers can range from a handful of individuals to several hundred depending on whether the event is open to the public or for a specific client.
  • Client-specific sessions and programs are developed to meet your requirements – when you have something to learn, we will work with you to identify and define the best learning mode, content and structure. We can also deliver on your site.
  • We use technology where it’s important to enhance the learning experience.

Queensland Venues, Cancellations, Refunds and Other Important Information:

Our venues are selected from a range of world-class facilities on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and their Hinterland regions, and are entirely based on the final numbers of participants for each discrete event

All registrations are taken on a pre-payment basis with registrations closing 3 calendar months ahead of the advertised event. This longer lead time is required in order for us to secure the best possible venue and accommodations for the number of participants.

Participants will be notified of the finalized venue approximately 2 calendar months ahead of the event and given an information pack about the event, venue and local area.

Should an event be cancelled by us after your registration is paid in full, and a suitable alternate date not available, a 100% refund of the event registration fee will be provided to the registrant or organizer (for groups of registrants). Please note, no further compensation will be made for other losses incurred by registrants as a result of such cancellations and, in that respect, we do encourage registrants to wait until event details are confirmed in writing by us before making travel and related bookings, and to also ensure they are fully insured when advance booking travel to/from and accommodation for the event.

Venue hire, accommodations and catering are non-refundable advance expenses incurred by us when planning for and conducting such events. As such, cancellations by a registrant (i) once venues are confirmed by us in writing or (ii) within 30 days of the event being held, whichever occurs first, will result in a cancellation fee equivalent to 40% of the full event registration fee being applied. The cancellation fee will be deducted from the fee already paid and a refund of the balance will be made via EFT to the registrant’s nominated Australian bank account. Overseas registrants may receive a bank check (in AUD) in lieu of EFT. 

A registered participant may be substituted with another, in lieu of a cancellation fee being applied however these arrangements must be actioned and confirmed ahead of the deadlines shown above. To protect the security and safety of people involved in our events, these substitution changes must be made in consultation with and only after written agreement by Serenidad Consulting®’s CEO.