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The Peace Ranch® 24/7 Approach to Building Peace

From our The Peace Ranch® Peace Room™ we provide virtual and face-to-face mediation, collaborative dispute resolution, coaching, facilitation and counselling services, supporting clients across the globe.

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Phone: +61 1-300-715582; email: business_support @ serenidadconsulting dot com


Our Principal Peace Negotiator, is Nola Hennessy.

October 16, 2014: Nola Hennessy was celebrated as one of the USA’s 2014 Women of Impact and together with Serenidad Consulting®, awarded a Certificate of Recognition for our peace work:

Serenidad Consulting® recognized as “A world-changer”

Serenidad Consulting®‘s Peace Negotiation services are unique to every circumstance, yet founded on the fundamental principle that peace on earth is achieved in layers:

Individual to Individual – some useful tips here, to get you started on your journey of change

Family to Family

Community to Community

Group to Group

Organization to Organization

Country to Country

There is no quick fix to facilitating peace and it takes all parties to the negotiation to be willing to challenge past attitudes and behaviors, find common ground, work to resolve residual differences through identifying and discussing root causes, and collaboratively decide on the best, most positive and constructive way forward.

We do not “tackle conflict head on” for so doing would simply exacerbate the issue(s). We utilize mediation, alternative dispute resolution, one-on-one and group counselling, and collaboration techniques and strategies as and when required and agreed.

Supported by ongoing education, whether through Serenidad Consulting®‘s programs or your own, we believe your outcomes can and will be extraordinary.

For the parties undertaking this path to peace, we teach you the value of calmness and compassion, living and enjoying relationships without fear, about honesty and, of course, integrity. 

Sustainable and permanent change, and peace, can be achieved when these values underpin all actions going forward. Where disputes cannot be resolved to the benefit of both parties, we also teach you the art of “letting go” of what or whom won’t change.



We provide an obligation-free, up to 30 minute assessment and consultation at no charge to you, via telephone or virtual platforms.  Bookings for these free sessions can be made by phone to +61 1-300-715582 or email to business_support @ serenidadconsulting dot com

Thereafter, please allow 90 minutes and $AU500 + 10%  Australian GST for your Initial Session (whether for individuals, families, couples or teams). We will develop short, medium and long term consultation programs to suit your circumstances and session fees will be agreed ahead of time to enable you to budget and plan accordingly. Our fees vary based on the type of consultation and support provided e.g. specialist human rights-related counselling, group facilitations  (for over 5 clients) and family dispute resolution will result in a higher fee than couple’s mediation, individual life coaching sessions and smaller facilitations (2-5 clients).

Noting the global economic challenges we face post-Pandemic, only 50% of the agreed fee is required at the time of booking with the balance payable on the day prior to the session commencing. Cancellations and full refunds are available up to 24 hours prior to your allocated session and we will be happy to arrange postponement and hold over of the booking deposit to an agreed future date. ‘No shows’ on the day and cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment will result in a forfeit of the 50% paid as the booking deposit *.

* If extenuating circumstances prevent timely cancellation or postponement, please email us immediately and we will call you to discuss your unique circumstances. We commit to our best efforts in gaining a mutually agreed solution if your circumstances warrant special consideration.

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Phone: +61 1-300-715582; email: business_support @ serenidadconsulting dot com


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