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Serenidad Consulting® was formed by me in January 2010 and founded on the enduring principles of Excellence, Great Leadership and Positive Personal Power. These principles are reflected, as much as humanly possible, in every aspect of our business operations and philanthropic activities world-wide. Our Quality Policy articulates an unwavering commitment to standards that others aren’t willing or able to achieve and, coupled with my strategic intent for Serenidad Consulting® globally, these factors are what make us truly unique at a global level.

Serenidad Consulting recognized as “A world-changer”

Whilst I am currently working to ensure The Peace Ranch®  facilities are our key global locations for service delivery, we continue to adapt and evolve our strategies as major political, economic, environmental  and social changes occur globally.

We provide consultancy and education services to government, institution, community, private and industry clients around the globe, and with the support of like-minded others around the world, our strategic intent is to facilitate peace through all layers of humanity, over time. An emphasis on educationpeace negotiation and mediation/dispute resolution, counter-terrorism, international and national security, strategic and multi-layered risk management, including in the diplomatic and government contexts, is therefore fundamental to delivering on that strategic intent. We are directly and indirectly supported in our efforts by many individuals and groups and I believe that ‘collectively’ we can achieve great things.

When I founded Serenidad Consulting® and designed The Peace Ranch® approach for service delivery, I did so with selflessness as the driving power to achieve all that I wish to see for humanity into the future. I chose a Spanish word “serenidad”, meaning “serenity”, to ensure synchronicity and balance with our longer term goals. Paraphrasing from my first book No Boxing Allowed……….when we all want peace, then that is exactly what we can achieve through the use of our positive personal power.

I trust that you find what you’re looking for and, if not, feel free to contact us.

Your friend in peace,

Nola Hennessy, Managing Director & CEO

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