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Signature Retreats – Queensland* Australia


Friday 5.00 p.m. through Sunday 5.00 p.m.

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Imagine being part of a weekend retreat that completely changes your life for positive outcomes, where you will learn the benefits of self-acceptance, how to achieve inner peace and also how to grow peaceful relationships in your life?

This is when and where your personal “ah ha” moments will happen!

Participants will focus on themselves during these inspiring, fun and power-filled 2.5 day programs of learning and group activities. Participants are not only lifted to heights they’ve never been before, they’re also charged and inspired to grow beyond their current boundaries. In every respect, the environment we choose will be conducive to learning and the delivery methods fully supportive and inclusive. 

Learn about Great Leadership behaviors and Positive Personal Power from the internationally-acclaimed and multi award-winning author, educator, peace advocate and empowerment expert, Nola Hennessy. Hear from a selection of global experts including internationally recognized consultants, award-winning authors, seasoned educators; and those with a particularly empowering story to share. 

Whilst learning how to recognize personal power and harness it for positive outcomes, participants will extend themselves during self-exploration sessions, all the while learning about and developing a level of Self-Intelligence that will enable them to live life without fear and baggage, and with emotional intelligence, compassion and trust. 

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IMPORTANT: Registrations close 1 calendar month prior to each Retreat event date – remember to book early to avoid disappointment

Program Outline

Day 1: Friday

5.00 p.m.                        Welcome and Registration (including a surprise)

5.30 – 7.30 p.m.            Welcome Drinks and Selection of Light Canapes or Finger Foods



Day 2: Saturday

8.00 a.m.                       Welcome Tea/Coffee

8.30 a.m.                        Morning Session, including breaks and Morning Tea refreshments

12.30 p.m.                      Substantial Lunch to recharge the body

1.30 p.m.                        Afternoon Session, including breaks and Afternoon Tea Refreshments

5.30 p.m.                        Day Session concludes; free time until 7.00 p.m.

7.00 p.m.                        3-course Dinner, Drinks and Professional Entertainment

c. 10.30 p.m.                  Day 2 concludes


Day 3: Sunday

8.30 a.m.                       Welcome Tea/Coffee

9.00 a.m.                        Morning Session, including breaks and Morning Tea refreshments

12.30 p.m.                      Substantial Lunch to recharge the body

1.15 p.m.                        Afternoon Session, including breaks and Afternoon Tea Refreshments

4.45 p.m.                       Closing Remarks and Farewells

5.00 p.m.                       Day 3 concludes

COST PER PARTICIPANT: $5,500.00 Tax incl, for the full R
ETREAT Program including all meals and accommodation as stated 

NB. Travel to/from the venue is to be arranged by individual participants. We are now delighted to include your accommodation in the participant fee for these special Retreats. 

To show due courtesy to other participants and ensure each participant receives the maximum possible benefit from the day sessions all cell phones, work diaries, computers, smart pads etc can be left in your room, in your luggage, in the venue’s safety deposit boxes or with the concierge in store, and/or with someone not formally attending. Any emergency contact with participants will normally be managed by the venue’s management staff however, if extenuating circumstances prevail, each special requirement will be addressed on merit and a mutually agreeable procedure put in place.

NB. This Retreat Program contains information held under copyright since 2009


Register here
IMPORTANT: Registrations close 1 calendar month prior to each Retreat event date – remember to book early to avoid disappointment; 2 nights accommodation and meals, as stated, are all included


General Information about our Retreats:

  • Designed to be delivered at an idyllic and conducive facility, in all regional locations and year round.
  • Signature material unique to Serenidad Consulting®.
  • Can be packaged and tailored to suit groups, large families, companies, government agencies, specialist groups, not-for-profit and charitable organizations etc. when delivered as private events.
  • Run over multiple days including meals, refreshments and accommodation as noted.
  • Smaller numbers of participants can be supported however ideal retreat programs cater for 20-50 participants at one time. The number of participants will determine the final venue, however in all locations only world-class facilities and professional caterers are utilized to ensure the highest possible standards can be achieved.
  • Can be supplemented with part day, full day and longer seminars or programs to ensure key messages and learnings are cemented.

 Email: USGenquiry at serenidadconsulting dot com for more information


* Queensland Venues, Refunds and Other Important Information: Our venues are selected from a range of world-class and education-conducive facilities in Sanctuary Cove, Hope Island, the Gold Coast and its Hinterland, and are entirely based on the final numbers of participants for each discrete Retreat event. Approximately 3 weeks prior to the Retreat’s date, registrants will be notified of the venue and given an information pack about the event and the local area. Where the Retreat event pricing includes accommodation and all meals, this will be clearly expressed in the Program advertised on this website and in the Retreat event packaging material. Should a Retreat event be cancelled by us after your registration is paid in full, and an alternate date not be negotiated, a 100% refund of the Retreat event registration fee will be provided to each registrant or organizer (for groups of registrants). Please note, no further compensation will be made for other losses incurred by registrants or organizers as a result of such cancellations and, in that respect, we do encourage participants and organizers to ensure they are fully insured when advance booking travel and accommodation related to the Retreat. Cancellations by registrants or organizers within 1 calendar month of the Retreat event being held will result in a forfeit of the full event registration fee i.e. no refunds will be given. Participants may be substituted only after consultation with and written agreement by Serenidad Consulting® .