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Signature: 1-day Introductory Seminar (Code: SC_PTS_I)

Interactive and Supportive Environment

Available in Queensland, Australia and other locations by arrangement 

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IMPORTANT: Registrations close 3 months prior to each event date – remember to book early to avoid disappointment. Maximum numbers apply to this interactive seminar.


  • All People impacted by Trauma – content is specifically intended for this target group 
  • General Public – trauma survivor’s carers, family, friends, colleagues
  • Community & Charity Groups – Community Associations, Wellness Centers, Aid Workers, Rape/Crisis Centers, Family Support Centers, Intervention Workers etc.
  • Police, Emergency and Rescue Services, Prison Officials – SES, Ambulance/EMS, Police, Fire & Rescue, Coastguard, Community Emergency Response Units, Volunteer Rescue Services, Prison Workers/Custodians
  • Medical and Mental Health Clinicians – Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors, Community Health, Child and Adolescent Health, Military or emergency services clinicians, Women’s and Men’s Health Specialists, Child Trauma Specialists
  • Rehabilitation Specialists, Providers and Advisors
  • Students – social sciences, clinical studies, sociology, international relations, international security
  • Government & Private Organizations – Policy Makers, Strategy Decision Makers, WHS/OSH Practitioners and Advisors, Rehabilitation Coordinators, Workplace Counsellors, Human Resources Managers, Equity & Diversity Workers, Emergency Management Personnel/Wardens
  • Military and Other ‘Veteran’ Organizations

THE SEMINAR (Introductory Level) – a full day, 8.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m., (including welcome tea/coffee/registration, lunch and morning/afternoon refreshments), this unique, focused and interactive small-group seminar aims to stimulate awareness and conversation, and provide tangible information for post-seminar action by all participants.

You will:

* Learn how to gain control over your own outcomes, with a focus on positive health impacts

* Learn the importance of Self-Intelligence in understanding root causes, healing from the effects of trauma and moving forward in life

* Hear about and discuss the importance of:

  • Self-Acceptance
  • Holistic Rehabilitation and Healing
  • Consistency and Applying Learnings
  • The Power of Positive Affirmations and Goal Setting
  • Choosing the Right Support System
  • Communication, and
  • Dropping the “D” in PTSD
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Our key speaker and facilitator for this event is our Founder, Nola Hennessy, recognized by the US military as a subject matter expert on and motivator about successful and full rehabilitation from post trauma symptoms. Nola holds a post-graduate degree in Human Rights, post-graduate qualifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy and related psychology models, and a wide range of remedial therapies. Nola is also a Federal Government award-winning health and safety expert with over 40 years practical experience including in high-to-extreme risk workplaces and scenarios.

In this seminar, participants will hear about and share (as they feel comfortable) first-hand experiences. The seminar is designed and delivered in such a way to empower participants to take control of their own life and health outcomes.

We bring a refreshed insight into a topic that is still shrouded in mystery, and considered by many to be “too hard to talk about”.

Our multi-award award-winning adult book of the same name and children’s book on trauma and resilience “Feronia – The Little Girl Who Learned to Fly Free”, will be made available as complimentary copies to all attendees of this seminar. Our other books may also be purchased at the event or through our website or distributors.



(including from the Australian Bravery Association and the UN and Overseas Policing Association of Australia) 

“Really enjoyed the day. The positive message is empowering. It has given me a better understanding into PTS and helped me with my own self-reflection. Thank you Nola.”

“Enjoyed knowing I reacted normally to an abnormal event. Learnt I need to do more to heal.(like) be a happy tree……I felt it was a long day for me. A lot of emotions to process.”

“Loved it. Very proactive. Delivered achievable strategies, demystified PTS. Most enlightening.” Additional comments from delegate: “Thanks so much for your empowering and thought provoking workshop….found your content to be most useful and holistic in… style, which traditional medical fails (to) achieve.”

“Thank you so much for providing me with a greater understanding of PTS and what it means and how to manage it using a new paradigm. A lot of food for thought. Great venue! Highly recommend it.” Additional comments from delegate: “Thank you so much for a fabulous work-shop. Really appreciated the insight, the paradigm shift, and your fabulous skill.”

“Hit the mark.”

“Well presented Nola….many thanks. Good size group”

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IMPORTANT: Registrations close 3 months prior to each event date – remember to book early to avoid disappointment. Maximum numbers apply to this interactive seminar.