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Signature: 1-day Workshop-style Seminar (Code: SC_CDR_I)

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Delivered at your site, in Queensland* Australia, and in other global locations 

NB: Suitable as private and public forum events, and also tailored to a client’s specific context and location


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IMPORTANT: Registrations close 14 working days prior to each event date - remember to book early to avoid disappointment


  • General Public
  • Community Groups – Community Associations, Crisis Care Workers, Intervention and Family Support Centers etc.
  • Professional Groups and Associations
  • Unions - Union Officials, Key Negotiators, Managers, Employee Representatives
  • Professional Negotiators, Mediators, Dispute Resolution Practitioners
  • Educators, Mentors, Coaches and Tutors
  • Government Organizations and related – Negotiators, Employee Advocates, Senior Leadership, Senior and Line Managers, Supervisors, Human Resources Managers and Subject-Matter-Experts, Equity & Diversity Workers etc.
  • Private Sector Organizations - Negotiators, Internal Policy Makers, Sales Personnel, Senior Leadership, Senior and Line Managers, Supervisors, Human Resources Practitioners, Consultants etc.

1-day SEMINAR PROGRAM (Introductory Level)
 (8.30 a.m. through 5.00 p.m., including 8.oo a.m. welcome tea/coffee, lunch and morning/afternoon refreshments) – this unique, engaging, dynamic, and participant-focused workshop-style seminar will broaden awareness of how to diffuse and resolve conflict or dispute situations in a non-legal context, enhance verbal communication skills, and introduce effective negotiation techniques. A strong emphasis will be placed on participants practicing the techniques during the workshop.

You will:

* Learn the Serenidad Consulting® Models for TRUST and Peace Negotiation

* Explore Active Listening and other Sensory-driven techniques to enhance Communication and aid Negotiation

Learn what Collaboration means in the context of Dispute Resolution

* Learn the key attitudes which underpin Successful Outcomes between parties

* Practice techniques learned

* Discuss appropriate actions that can be taken post-dispute resolution

Intermediate Level (3 full day) and Advanced Level (5 full day) Programs are also offered after completion of the Introductory Level Seminar. These Programs can be tailored to suit the client’s specific requirements for conflict and dispute resolution.

All-inclusive Introductory Seminar Fee (tax inclusive):

Tiered Pricing to enable discounts and also free places may apply. To check which Tier is available to you at the time you wish to register, please email USGenquiry@serenidadconsulting.com or call +61 7 55148077:

Up to 10% of randomly-selected delegates in attendance will receive a full refund of their registration paid
Tier 1 – first 10 registrations $220 per place
Tier 2 – next 10 registrations $440 per place
Thereafter – standard fee of $550 per place applies

Non-discounted Seminar Price: $550

NB: This seminar contains material held under Copyright since 2009


Nola Hennessy, FAIM, Founding Managing Director & CEO, Serenidad Consulting® – With over 40 international literary awards as an inspirational educator; international recognition as a powerful negotiator and change agent; and 45 years’ experience managing and leading people, including establishing and leading HR operations and cultural frameworks, developing policy, representing parties in public and private conflict resolution and review-of-decision settings, Nola will share her mastery-level knowledge and experience with participants.

 Nola leads Serenidad Consulting® in the strategic intent to facilitate positive relationships and global peace outcomes, and Nola’s books form part of the foundation for Serenidad Consulting’s global work. The teachings in her books support the outcomes sought from our signature workshops, seminars, courses and programs delivered globally. 

Nola’s internationally acclaimed, multi-award winning “No Boxing Allowed“ book will be made available as a complimentary copy for all participants in this seminar. Nola’s other books may also be purchased at the event or through our website or distributors.


Queensland Venues, Refunds and Other Important Information: Our venues are selected from a range of world-class and education-conducive facilities in Sanctuary Cove, Hope Island, the Gold Coast and its Hinterland, and are entirely based on the final numbers of participants for each discrete event. Approximately two weeks prior to the event’s date, registrants will be notified of the venue, given an information pack and any pre-reading material required for the event, and provided with a selection of hotels and other accommodations (to suit every budget). Where event pricing includes accommodation and/or meals and/or entertainment, this will be clearly expressed in the event packaging material. Should an event be cancelled by us after your registration is paid in full, a 100% refund of the event registration fee will be provided to each registrant or organizer (for groups of registrants). Please note, no further compensation will be made for other losses incurred by registrants or organizers as a result of such cancellations and, in that respect, we do encourage participants and organizers to ensure they are fully insured when advance booking travel and accommodation related to the event. Cancellations by registrants or organizers within 14 days of the event being held will result in a forfeit of the full event registration fee i.e. no refunds will be given. Participants may be substituted only after consultation with and agreement by Serenidad Consulting® .

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IMPORTANT: Registrations close 14 working days prior to each event date – remember to book early to avoid disappointment