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1-day SEMINAR PROGRAM (Introductory Level)
 (9.00 a.m. through 5.00 p.m., including 8.30 a.m. welcome tea/coffee, lunch and morning/afternoon refreshments) – this unique and highly informative workshop-style seminar is ideal for those who have pondered or recently ventured into a career as a professional consultant and want to learn from the leading organization focused on raising industry standards by consistently demonstrating excellence and highest possible quality to clients. Industry myths will be exposed, and open discussion about key factors to consider for your new career will be the focus of this energetic day. All participants will leave the seminar having been informed of the realities of consulting, the importance of getting it right the first time, and the significant personal and professional benefits that can be realized over time

You will:

* Learn what “consulting” really is, and what it’s not

* Learn what clients look for – the key principles, performance levels, attitudes and behaviors

* Learn and discuss the different expectations of government and industry clients

* Identify your key capabilities, determine your value proposition, and how to pitch and structure your CV

* Learn basic marketing and sales techniques, including how to sell yourself without inflating your own capabilities, and how to overcome the “tall poppy” syndrome

* Explore what business structure will work best for you and the client service delivery options that will work in sync

All-inclusive Introductory Seminar Fee (tax inclusive):

Tiered Pricing to enable discounts and also free places may apply. To check which Tier is available to you at the time you wish to register, please email USGenquiry@serenidadconsulting.com or call +61 7 55148077:

Up to 10% of randomly-selected delegates in attendance will receive a full refund of their registration fee paid
Tier 1 – first 10 registrations $195 per place
Tier 2 – next 10 registrations $330 per place
Thereafter – standard fee of $385 per place applies

Non-discounted Seminar Price: $385

NB: This seminar contains material held under Copyright since 1978


Nola Hennessy, FAIM, Founding Managing Director & CEO, Serenidad Consulting® –  One of Rotary International’s Inspirational Women 2011 and the USA’s Women of Impact 2014, Nola’s first senior leadership position in the hospitality industry was achieved at age 19. During the late 1970′s Nola performed as a consultant to her employer’s clients; her entree to true independent consulting was during her second career as an ICT professional starting in 1980. 

Nola has consulted to individuals, groups, regulators, associations, national companies, globally-positioned Federal Government clients, very large and Tier 1 multi-national and global commercial organizations, USA State Government and national commercial clients, including those highlighted here. During the late 1980′s Nola received noteworthy and public praise, and significant media support, having established profitable business operations for Price Waterhouse Urwick (PWU) in Australia’s national capitol. During her time with PWU Nola defined, marketed and executed the inaugural PWU human resources consultancy assignments in the Canberra region, supporting and servicing both large and small Federal Government clients. Notable work at that time included major organizational reviews, enterprise training needs analyses, strategic planning, and helping the Federal Government establish Key Performance Indicators for its senior leadership employees across the wider public service.

Nola formed Serenidad Consulting® in January 2010, to deliver international consultancy services and products founded in Excellence, Great Leadership and Positive Personal Power. For too long Nola had seen a ‘close enough is good enough’ (80%) attitude permeating the industry and being quietly (but with frustration) tolerated by clients. In forming an international consultancy that focuses on raising the bar and delivering only the highest possible quality to 100% client satisfaction, Nola believes this will (in time) bring integrity back into the broader profession, and help clients and consultants alike to receive best possible outcomes. Serenidad Consulting® has achieved many noteworthy milestones, however of most relevance and significance to this seminar in the first four years of financial operation in Australia alone, Serenidad Consulting® achieved an unprecedented 3000% growth in revenues to a multi-million dollar billing level, and grew its international consulting team from 1 to over 200. Continued unsolicited advances by consultants world-wide, to join the team, and repeat business with existing and past clients are both reflective of the principles that underpin everything Serenidad Consulting® does.   

With over 50 international literary awards as an inspirational, wise and life-changing educator, Nola’s books form part of the foundation for Serenidad Consulting’s global work and support the outcomes sought from our signature workshops, seminars, courses and programs delivered globally. 

Nola’s internationally acclaimed, multi-award winning “No Boxing Allowed“ book will be made available as a complimentary copy for all participants in this seminar. Nola’s other books may also be purchased at the event or through our website or distributors.


* Queensland Venues, Refunds and Other Important Information: Our venues are selected from a range of world-class and education-conducive facilities in Sanctuary Cove, Hope Island, the Gold Coast and its Hinterland, and are entirely based on the final numbers of participants for each discrete eventApproximately two weeks prior to the event’s date, registrants will be notified of the venue, given an information pack and any pre-reading material required for the event, and provided with a selection of hotels and other accommodations (to suit every budget). Where event pricing includes accommodation and/or meals and/or entertainment, this will be clearly expressed in the event packaging material. Should an event be cancelled by us after your registration is paid in full, a 100% refund of the event registration fee will be provided to each registrant or organizer (for groups of registrants). Please note, no further compensation will be made for other losses incurred by registrants or organizers as a result of such cancellations and, in that respect, we do encourage participants and organizers to ensure they are fully insured when advance booking travel and accommodation related to the event. Cancellations by registrants or organizers within 14 days of the event being held will result in a forfeit of the full event registration fee i.e. no refunds will be given. Participants may be substituted only after consultation with and agreement by Serenidad Consulting® .

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IMPORTANT: Registrations close 14 working days prior to each event date – remember to book early to avoid disappointment