- Current Opportunities

We are constantly seeking innovative, mature consultancy personnel with skills, knowledge and experience.

Please forward to us, using USGenquiry@serenidadconsulting.com, your current CV; contact details including Skype ID (a good idea for easy interviewing); minimum 2 referees who can comment on your recent experience and/or skills; together with a brief summary of (i) how you believe your skills can be utilized by us for the benefit of our clients and (ii) what your professional goals and aspirations are.

In Australia, our standard approach is to offer contract-based assignments to consulting personnel or term-based employment opportunities. As our global operations continue to grow we will look to employ and engage a range of specialist consultants, mediators and educators over time.

Current Opportunities
(all positions require clearances unless otherwise indicated)

Australia -

Please refer to SEEK for our latest formally advertised opportunities in the Australia/Pacific Region.


  • Counter-Terrorism/CVE Specialists and Educators
  • Forensics, Fraud, Crime Prevention and Fingerprint Specialists
  • Risk Management Specialists
  • ITAR Specialists
  • Work Health & Safety and Environmental Safety Specialists
  • Project & Program Managers/Directors
  • Project Schedulers, and Project and Business Support personnel
  • Procurement & Contract Management Specialists
  • Infrastructure & Facilities Specialists
  • Integrated Logistics (ILS) Management & Support Personnel
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Maritime, Logistics & Project Engineers
  • Systems, Software & Platform, including Capability Systems, Specialists
  • Communications Network Engineers, RF Engineers & related
  • Training Needs Analysis Specialists
  • Adult & Child Educators
  • Legal Practitioners
  • Professional Presenters & Facilitators
  • Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution Practitioners