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Corporate Profile

Our team of Specialist Management and Business Consultants: Since inception Serenidad Consulting®’s people capability grew from our Founding Principal to over 370 consultants. Since 2020 and the major changes introduced by the COVID-19 Pandemic we have refined our team to approx. 100 highly talented and readily available professionals located across three major continents – Australia, the USA and the United Kingdom. Our consultants include former CEOs and Principals from Government and industry, ranging from Senior and Executive-level Practitioners, to competent and qualified Junior Practitioners. Most of our consultants have national and international experience and we recognize that the portability of their skills across multiple jurisdictions adds value to the client experience. In Australia our consultants are based in most State/Territory capitals and major regional areas.

Serenidad Consulting® works to deliver locally-sourced professional consultants to provide expertise that is most suited to the client’s particular scope of work, their culture, location and demographic, and in keeping with any budget expectations. Our strategic alliances enable us to harness human capability across multiple jurisdictions, to deliver in-country and global services, and we work to minimize overhead costs by making available a range of appropriately-skilled consultants via the most cost effective business model available.

The majority of our consultancy team in Australia (for instance) are self-employed professionals. In all contexts our consultants are closely vetted and monitored to ensure they are committed to achieving the required level of client service and personal development as articulated in our Quality Policy. We have an expectation that each consultant will help progress our clients to a state of excellence, where positive outcomes and solutions become the norm rather than the exception.


Nola Hennessy

One of Rotary International’s Inspirational Women 2011 and the USA’s Women of Impact 2014, Nola rose from a childhood of severe constraints to become a senior manager at age 16, a senior leader at age 19, and brings more than 50 years business experience to her work. Nola is the Founding Owner, Managing Director and CEO of Serenidad Consulting® and its Principal Consultant, leading the organization in its strategic intent to facilitate peace and empower others to make positive changes.

Nola is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Leaders and Managers (FAIM), a long-time member of the UN Association of Australia (UNAA) and, since 2019, the volunteer Strategic Advisor to the UNAA’s Peace and Security Program.

Nola sees peace through an educator’s lens and strongly and consistently advocates for ‘prevention’ strategies and education as the only achievable, long-term solution to the ongoing global conflicts and increasing levels of violence, discord, and power and control struggles. As such, she continually takes on the topics, issues, debates and subjects others perceive with fear or hesitation, with her approach always underpinned by Serenidad’s guiding principles of Excellence, Great Leadership and Positive Personal Power. In successfully delivering what others avoid doing, Nola continually raises awareness about issues that others label “too hard”.

Nola also offers a unique perspective in having experience as ‘the CEO working on the shop floor’ multiple times; she is an accomplished and professional speaker, facilitator, educator, negotiator, mediator, interviewer, presenter, change visionary and agent.

Nola holds a post-graduate degree in Human Rights, post-graduate qualifications in clinical hypnotherapy and human behaviors, is a Master-level Dispute Resolution specialist, and holds Advanced Diploma and Diploma level qualifications in complementary areas including adult education, risk management, program and project management, governance, audit, and health and safety.

In the management consulting space, Nola saw a need for higher quality of service delivery to clients, creating Serenidad Consulting® around a strong, unique and enduring framework that would work to benefit every stakeholder. She draws on her literary works as the foundation for the range of services and products Serenidad Consulting® delivers, and holds firm to the standards she has set for client service delivery.

Within the Australian corporate structure a special corporate trust is in place to provide benefits to a range of beneficiaries including individuals, global charities, community groups, not-for-profits, arts and environmental advocacy groups (such as NRDC and Sundance Institute), medical and other research bodies, and Rotary.

As a multi-award winning, “inspirational” and internationally-acclaimed author, Nola is continually motivated to help others to use their power in constructive and positive ways, and reach their greatest potential. Nola inspires people to become more self-intelligent and make sustainable changes within themselves to bring positive internal results (where possible) and improvement in their relationships with others.

Her work in growing alliances around the globe continues daily, and she gratefully accepts challenges and opportunities as a means to facilitating positive change.

Nola published her multi-award winning memoir “The Peace Angel” in 2013 – available for purchase through Serenidad Consulting or its distribution channels.

Kelvin Glare

Kelvin (Kel) Glare AO APM was born at Hopetoun, Victoria, on 6 January 1938. He has been married to Patricia (Trish) for over 60 years and they have two adult daughters and two grandchildren.

Kel was educated at various schools in the Hopetoun district, leaving school at age fourteen. He obtained employment as a junior clerk at the then Shire of Karkarooc where he remained for four years until he joined the Victoria Police on 10 May 1957. After serving in uniform in a number of Stations, Kel transferred to the Fingerprint Bureau in January 1960, serving for almost six years and becoming a Fingerprint Expert.

In 1966 Kel became a Detective – the one and only time a person has been admitted to the role of Detective on a direct transfer from the Fingerprint Bureau. Promoted to Sergeant, Kel again served in uniform, returned to the Fingerprint Bureau, and commenced a Bachelor of Laws Degree at the University of Melbourne. Over the next few years, Kel completed his Degree with Honours (LL.B. (Hons) whilst also working a normal working week, and was admitted to practice as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria in November 1977.

While working as a prosecutor Kel was invited to tutor at Monash University in the subject of Criminal Law and Procedure which he did until being transferred to Gippsland. For the next six years Kel gave an annual lecture to the late Sir Richard Egglestone’s “Problems of Proof” post- graduate class at Monash.

Promotion to Senior Sergeant followed and a further promotion to Inspector saw Kel take charge of No. 1 Division of the Gippsland Police District with control of seven police stations and 183 personnel. In June 1981 a further promotion to Chief Inspector resulted in Kel being given the task of creating a Prosecutions Division for the Victoria Police, with responsibility to create a Prosecutors’ Course to select and train Police Prosecutors and run the day to day operations of the Division.

Briefly promoted to Superintendent in charge of the Police Inspectorate (a wider audit function unit) in August 1984 Kel was appointed as the First Assistant Commissioner, Internal Investigations Department, and given the task of expanding a small unit of 15 very senior officers to a fully fledged Department of 55 very senior officers, and of running that Department. Twelve months later Kel was laterally transferred to take charge of the Operations Department responsible for the uniformed policing of Victoria. In 1986 promotion to Deputy Commissioner, Operations, saw Kel take charge of all uniformed, traffic police and detectives in Victoria.

Appointed as Chief Commissioner of the Victoria Police, serving from November 1987 to November 1992, Kel was responsible for all policing in Victoria. He had a workforce of around 10,000 sworn police and 2,000 public servants, and control of a budget of c. AU $M650. During his police service Kel was commended seven times for exceptional performance of duty. He is the holder of the Good Conduct and Long Service Medal, received the Australian Police Medal (APM) for distinguished service in June 1987, was admitted as an Officer in the Order of St John (O St.J) in 1990 and was awarded an Order of Australia (AO) in 1993.

In 1995 Kel became the Executive Chairman of a leading security company and held this position until 2002. Kel investigated the theft of diamonds from Argyle Diamonds and formed part of a four person team who reviewed and then restructured an aid program sponsored by AusAid for the Royal Papua New Guinea Police.

Kel’s hobbies include golf, serving for four years on the Board of the Heidelberg Golf Club, Lower Plenty, Victoria.

Since February 2015 Kel has been the Chair of The Community Advocacy Alliance Inc. (CAA), a registered charity. The CAA is a group of former police and includes the Commissioners of four Australian States, victim advocates and leading citizens. It is dedicated to the reform of policing in Victoria to place crime prevention as a major priority, reform of the Criminal Justice System, as well as victim support and support of those serving and former police suffering from post-traumatic stress. The CAA has designed a Police Veterans in Schools Program that will be introduced into participating schools in 2020 in an effort to curb youth crime, particularly in areas of socioeconomic disadvantage. The program promotes the value of good citizenship and deals with a variety of topics including, but not limited to, bullying, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, resisting peer pressure and harm avoidance.

Kel has extensive public speaking and media experience and can speak on a range of topics including counter-terrorism, crisis management, career development, management of complex organizations, leadership, crime and punishment and about flying micro light aircraft – all with a strong thread of humor.

Kel published his memoir “The Angry Ant” in 2015 – it is available for purchase from BookPod Australia.

Leonard Glare

Leonard (Len) Glare is a former Chief Executive Officer of the Family Court of Australia, an OAM and Defence Medal recipient and widely respected for his abilities as a “brilliant” Australian public servant with over 50 years of service across a range of agencies. This included seven years as Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department. Len retired from the public service in 2000 and, having contributed widely to the community in many volunteer capacities since, joined Serenidad Consulting’s team as a Senior Consultant in 2010.

Len is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, a highly experienced manager and leader in the public sector, and a competent speaker and facilitator. He is accustomed to working under pressure and has exceptional ability to work with people to achieve outcomes. Len is publicly recognized for having helped bring the Family Court of Australia to a standard that “probably makes it the best system in the world” and subsequently helped countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Singapore, New Zealand and Canada to base their systems on Australia’s. He also went to East Timor to advise on reconstructing court systems when they gained independence from Indonesia.

After leaving school at the age of 14, Len studied part-time to obtain a Diploma of Public Administration (RMIT) and a Bachelor of Commerce – double major in economics and a sub-major in business administration – (University of Melbourne). Len also wrote and taught correspondence courses in management and business subjects for Stott’s Correspondence College for many years.

When he retired from the public sector, Len was specially acknowledged by the Parliament for his outstanding contribution to Parliamentary Committees over a period of 25 years.

His experience covers a wide range including high level management, financial administration, computers and the law, human resources, change management, legal aid, security, leadership, organizational structure and behavior, judicial administration, alternative dispute resolution, buildings, bench-marking and indigenous affairs. He also worked in conjunction with the United Nations and the O.E.C.D. on specific projects.

Len’s key speaking topics include leadership, public sector management and change management. Having worked with 10 Attorney’s-General, transitioned from early rural poverty and the very bottom level position in the public sector to that of CEO, Len is well placed to share humorous anecdotes and inspire others to rise above adversity.

Len published his memoir “From Dust and Rabbits” in 2017 – it is available for purchase from Echo Books.