– Past Media Engagements & Appearances 2010-2012


Thursday December 6, 2012: Nola traveled throughout the US on a recent book tour and reports on how the outcome of the US elections will influence the expansion of Serenidad Consulting.  Full interview.  
Tuesday November 6, 2012: Dawn Paul interviewed Nola about her award-winning, sequel book From PMS to PMAPublished article and review. 
   Thursday November 1, 2012: The Chronicle and numerous Queensland Australia publications publish their reviews of No Boxing Allowed – Banish Ugly Manners With a Self Help Makeover 
 Thursday October 11, 2012: Nola attended the Publicity Summit in NYC in October and the Miami Book Fair International in November, plus book signings and events around the US. Full interview 
 Thursday September 6, 2012: Dawn Paul interviewed Nola about her multi award-winning book No Boxing AllowedPublished Article 

Thursday August 16, 2012: Pinnacle Award-winning “inspirational” Australian author Nola Hennessy launches her US and Global Tour for her award winning books. Full interview
August 2012 – Featured Author, Spotlight Magazine
 Thursday July 5, 2012: Author Nola Hennessy has been on the move! Full interview 
Thursday November 17, 2011: Nola shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Read more about No Boxing Allowed and From PMS to PMAFull interview
Saturday November 19, 2011: Nola’s  long interview with The Miami Desk covered the Miami Book Fair International, its followers, exhibitors, and the Florida and Miami communities. Read the Excerpt
Thursday March 31, 2011: Returning to GTR from Australia is Nola Hennessy – award winning author and Managing Director of Serenidad Consulting.  Nola’s passion for peace, calmness and compassion forms the solid foundation stones for her literary works and successful consultancy. Full interview (scroll archives)
  January 11, 2010: This  very first edition of IN THE NEWS features Nola Hennessy (author of “No Boxing Allowed” and “From PMS to PMA” on peace, relationships and positive change… Full interview (at the bottom of the archive list)