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Imagine joining us at The Peace Ranch® in Texas USA, and other idyllic locations around the globe, for events that completely change your life for positive outcomes and focus you on having constructive, positive and peaceful relationships? That is what our Signature educational programs, courses, workshops, seminars and retreats are designed to do.

July 2016 through June 2017

Our next Australian series of exceptional Signature Seminars, Workshops and Retreats are now open for registration

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Signature Retreats

Participants will focus on themselves during these intensive, rewarding, fun, and power-filled 2 1/2-day programs of learning and activities. Participants are not only lifted to heights they’ve never been before, they’ll also be charged and inspired to grow beyond their current boundaries. In every respect, the environment we choose will be conducive to learning and the delivery methods fully supportive and inclusive. 

In a structured environment, learn about Great Leadership behaviors and Positive Personal Power from the internationally-acclaimed and multi award-winning author, educator, peace advocate and empowerment expert, Nola Hennessy, the Founder of Serenidad Consulting®; hear from a selection of experts including internationally recognized consultants, authors, educators; and those with a particularly empowering story to share. 

Whilst learning to recognize personal power and harness it for positive outcomes, participants will extend themselves during self-exploration sessions, all the while learning about and developing a level of Self-Intelligence that will enable them to live life without fear and baggage, and with emotional intelligence, compassion and trust. 

 Our next Signature Retreats are scheduled to be held at Sanctuary Cove, Australia – November 25-27 and December 2-4, 2016 & May 5-7 and June 2-4, 2017. Please click here for more information, Print a Brochure, and register now to avoid disappointment.

Signature & Client-specific Programs, Courses, Workshops and Seminars

Participants will learn about Great Leadership behaviors and traits from the multi award-winning author, peace advocate and empowerment expert. They will learn how to recognize and harness their personal power for positive outcomes, and to understand and develop Self-Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence.

Participants can attend stimulating seminars, workshops and longer programs to enable their personal empowerment, foster positive and constructive relationships, enable collaborative dispute resolution, learn how to heal from post-traumatic stress symptoms, build resilience, learn self- and community-based security management principles; learn how to recognize radicalized behaviors and choices by others (and the importance of a prevention focus to violent extremism).

In our signature consulting profession courses, participants can also learn the Serenidad Consulting® approach to consulting with integrity, and how to achieve excellence in their management of projects and programs of work. 

Our next Signature Seminars are scheduled to be held in Sanctuary Cove, Australia on the following dates.
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* Great Leadership, Empowerment and Relationships Series, each complementing the others and can be attended in sequence Click on the title of the seminar for more information

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Professional Consulting Industry Seminars, each complementing the others - Click on the title of the seminar for more information

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2016 Events Brochure

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General Information about Seminars, Courses and Programs:
Depending on the style and content, participants will hear from leading industry and government consultants from around the globe, and will always be supported in an environment conducive to learning:

  • From our part day seminars such as “Personal Empowerment and Great Leadership™“, to multi-week programs of contiguous seminars, courses and/or workshops, participant numbers can range from a handful of individuals to several thousand, depending on the context and client (e.g. college freshman intake programs for universities).
  • Delivered on your site, in idyllic regional locations, and/or at The Peace Ranch® in Texas USA.
  • Client-specific education that is tailored or developed to meet your requirements – when you have something to learn, we will work with you to identify and define the best learning mode, content and structure.
  • Optional use of technology to enhance the learning experience.