- Education & Training

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Imagine joining us at The Peace Ranch™ USA, for a retreat, training program or seminar that completely changes your life for positive outcomes? That is what our educational programs and seminars are designed to do. 


The Peace Ranch™ - Retreat Programs:

Learn about Great Leadership behaviors and traits from the multi award-winning author and expert; learn to recognize and harness your personal power for positive outcomes; become more “Self Intelligent”; hear from other leading industry and government consultants from around the globe; and be entertained like never before.

This is when and where your personal “ah ha” moments will happen!

  • Delivered around the globe, all year.
  • Designed and tailored to suit your needs and desired outcomes, using generic material unique to Serenidad Consulting.
  • Come to our idyllic venues or choose your own.
  • Run over a minimum of 2 days (usually Friday to Sunday nights). Can run for longer periods to meet your specific educational requirements.
  • Include dinner on day 1, breakfast-lunch-dinner on day 2, and breakfast-lunch on day 3.
  • Packaged to suit groups, large families, companies, government agencies, specialist groups, not-for-profit and charitable organizations etc.
  • Minimum attendance – 20; maximum attendees only limited by the venue selected and the length of the program.
  • Supplement with day and 1/2-day seminars to ensure key messages and learnings are cemented.
  • Packaged retreat programs may include all travel, accommodation and other meals, at your discretion.



The Peace Ranch™ - Seminars:

  • Defined, tailored and/or refined to exactly meet your needs – from ½ day seminars to multi-week programs of contiguous seminars or workshops. We can refine your existing content or develop something new, just for you.
  • Delivered on your site or ours.
  • No legitimate subject is taboo. When you have something to learn, we will work with you to identify and define the best learning mode, content and structure.
  • Repertoire of courses includes: management, leadership, great leadership, presentation skills, negotiation skills, conflict resolution, effective communication, strategic visioning, using power and control for positive outcomes………
  • Our many consultants and presenters means we can adapt to your requirements with minimal fuss and have backup people at hand.
  • We use technology to enhance your experience and add value.